Saturday night, February 4th, Shinedown, Wayland, and Greta Van Fleet took the stage at 20 Monroe Live for the first sold out show in Grand Rapids' newest concert venue! The venue is great, everyone packed in to have a great time, and the bands kicked ass all night!

After Great Van Fleet and Wayland got everyone crazy, Shinedown hit the stage a little after 10, and the crowd went nut when the drums of "Devour" started. It's been a while since they've played that song, and I love it that they kicked off the show with it. Great energy.

They rocked the crowd with almost two hours of Shinedown hits, including tons of stuff from their latest album, Threat to Survival, like "How Did You Love", "Asking For It", "Cut the Cord", and more!

They also had the crowd singing along to their hits, like "45", "Simple Man", and people went nuts when they got everyone singing Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom to kick off "Diamond Eyes".

Great show, great band, and an amazing night at 20 Monroe Live. Check out the videos in case you missed it, or to just relive the fun!

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