The Shenmue games are officially becoming a trilogy.

The first game was released in 1999 for the Sega Dreamcast. At the time, the game was speculated to 'save' the Sega Dreamcast.

It's quite a game with a very in depth world! I never really got into it because I was insanely confused, but I can see where the fandom comes from.

Last night, series creator Yu Suzuki joined Sony on stage at the Sony Press Conference to announce that Shenmue 3 is in production, with fan assistance via Kickstarter.

They even had a count down of when the Kickstarter was going live!

The moment it did, the damn thing gained a TON of money, and I mean a TON of money.

In less than a few hours, the game already surpassed it's $2 million dollar goal, and continues to gain money so people can pre-purchase the game.

That is absolutely crazy! It is currently the fastest funded Kickstarter in history! You can clearly tell that the feels run deep for this game.

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