Sharon Osbourne reveals that she had to lie about her mother-in-law's death to get husband Ozzy out of a show in Japan.  The metal icon was too drunk to board the plane, so desperate times called for desperate measures.

Ozzy's bout with alcohol and drug addiction was no secret but Sharon wanted to save face with the Japanese promoters.  Spinner says she explained the story on her daytime show The Talk:

"My client, my husband, he was misbehaving.  He had this huge tour of Japan, all done, tickets were all sold out, everything.  The day he was meant to arrive at the airport, I couldn't get him on the plane because he drank too much."

"So I'm thinking, 'Japan, they look at it as being really rude if you say you're gonna do something and you don't, and especially for a show'. So I called them up and said, 'I'm sorry, Ozzy won't be coming to Japan.' (They asked), 'Tomorrow?' 'No.' 'In a week?' 'No.' 'Why is he not coming?' 'Er, his mother just died.' So that was fabulous, everybody felt really bad, they excused him."

However, the fib almost came to bite Sharon and Ozzy on the ass when the duo went to Japan a few years later for a promotional tour.  It was after the actual death of Ozzy's mother.

"He went back again and he was really sad and they said, 'What's the matter Ozzy?'  He went, 'My mother just died' and they said, 'Hold on, but your mother died three years ago.'  And he goes, 'Oh no, that was my stepmother!'"

Very clever Ozzy.

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