Just when you thought you may save money on your sewer bill because of the new biodigester project, the city instead maybe raising your bill double digits.

According to WOOD, the biodigester project is supposed to save consumers big money in the long run but it looks like the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan, has decided to increase your bill to pay for the project.

City officials haven't stuck it to you yet but they plan to in 2021 to raise your GR sewage bill 11%.

The city claims its necessary because the original sticker price for this project was estimated at $38 million and now it looks like it will cost tax payers an additional $19 million to complete. You think maybe someone should get fired here?

Originally back in June, city officials said the increase would be less than 5%. Seems like someone at the city is not very good at math.

The biodigester project was started in late 2017 and the idea of this system is draw in waste from large scale producers like Founders Brewing Co. and cook it down to more reasonable levels to deal with.

The byproduct of the biodigester process creates a natural gas that will be sold to energy suppliers. That is the part that is supposed to save consumers on their sewage bill in the future. I guess we will have to wait and see if that actually becomes true.

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