It is so nice to see people that live in our state competing on national television. Whether it's a game show, or a competition show quite a few Michiganders have appeared on a variety of different shows.

Season 2 of Fox's "Lego Masters" is just beginning and several Michigan residents are in the Lego building competition, including a couple from Kentwood.

Hosted by Will Arnett, the show has pairs of people (from couples, to family members, to co-workers) competing to build Lego sculptures that fit the theme of that week's challenge. The best team at the end of the competition will walk away with $100,000, a Lego trophy, and be the latest "Lego Masters".

Three of this seasons teams feature Michigan residents...

Philip and Maria Straatsma -- They are a married couple from Kentwood. He is a network operations manager and she is a stay-at-home mom.


Zach and Tim Croll -- A father and son team from Gaylord. Dad Tim is a business growth specialist while his son, Zach, is a student.


Dawn Sloboda and Jack Schwarz -- A brother and sister team. Dawn is from Coopersville, while her brother, Jack, is from Ohio.


In the premiere for Season 2, the teams had to build a float for a parade that included a story and movement. All three of the teams from Michigan are still in the competition. There were no eliminations on the first show, however Philip and Maria's float was in the bottom two in the rankings.

Lego Masters can be seen locally on WXMI Fox 17 every Tuesday at 8 pm.

Here is a link for Lego Masters where you can get additional information and see more videos.

I'm always amazed at the quality of the sculptures these teams put together. So intricate and they even include movement in a lot of the challenges.

OK, I'm off to build a Lego wall. Nobody will be impressed by my work of art!


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