By now pretty much everyone around the country has heard about the underdog Lions being one game away from the Super Bowl. For any Lions fan, the stakes have never been higher, especially considering their last road playoff win was 67 years ago.


People will be hosting watch parties all around the country, so why not add even more stakes to the big game by playing our custom-made BINGO board? Play along with your friends! Make a drinking game out of it! Or use it however you want, I won't judge. The board is littered with references and things we would love to see happen (looking at you "Goff Takes A Knee").

Detroit Lions Bingo

Screenshot or save the image directly. If you play along, let @fbhwshow or @979grd know how you used the board on Facebook or Instagram.

The Lions play the 49ers in the NFC Championship game this Sunday at 6:00 pm on FOX. Go Lions!

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