We all loved playing with them as kids and our parents hated stepping on them!

Those little plastic pieces we all called LEGOs are still very popular even today with people of all ages. Fox even had a television show devoted to adults competing to make the best LEGO sculptures with various themes. (Season Two of "LEGO Masters" even featured several people from Michigan.)

Coming to Grand Rapids on Wednesday, December 1st, is a Lego store right here in west Michigan. Currently the nearest LEGO stores are either in Detroit or Chicago.

This LEGO store will be a little different though...it is a secondhand LEGO store. How many times have we purchased a LEGO set, only to lose one of the parts. Now you will be able to complete your set with those final pieces that you just couldn't find.

The store will be located at 4598 Plainfield Avenue (Suite B) on the northeast side of Grand Rapids (just north of Five Mile Road). It will be called DNA Brix. This is the first of its kind retail store that specializes in secondhand LEGOs where you can buy, sell or trade LEGOs.

The store was created by 19-year-old David West, who received his first LEGO set for Christmas back in 2011.

Along with individual pieces that people want, West also will be selling $3 and $10 bags of random LEGO pieces, and individual LEGO characters. You will also find secondhand complete sets and fully constructed pieces.

DNA Brix is set to open on December 1st. The hours of the store will be Tuesday through Sunday from 11:00 am-6:00 pm daily. Until the retail store opens, West is running an online store. He has been selling LEGO pieces online for over a year now. The online store can be found here. You can also find them on Facebook.

Here is a post from West's Facebook page announcing the new store...

Here is the story that WZZM 13 On Your Side did on David West recently...

David also has his own YouTube channel.


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