What is the appropriate punishment for running over a traffic cone?  Probably nothing, right?  Or at the absolute most, maybe a $10 ticket or something equivalent.  Well, for one guy in California, the punishment was much higher and definitely didn't fit the crime.

While pulling out of a parking garage, the person in front of him put their car in reverse.  So to give them some more space, this driver also reversed and moved over to the next lane, running over a cone in the process.  That's whenPaul Blart Mall Cop sprung into action.  Not pleased with his precious traffic cone being run over, Blart took chase and PULLED A GUN on the driver!  Then, the guard called his meathead supervisor over, who threatened to break out the driver's window if he didn't get out of the car.

Real cops were eventually called to the scene and it was determined that, shocker, the rent-a-cop didn't have a permit to carry the gun and also didn't have a security guard license.  The driver is now suing the mall, the security company and the two guards for assault, negligence, false imprisonment and emotional distress.  And we hope he wins BIG TIME.