Well I finally got a Michigan Drivers License today...but what I didn't know, is that today was the first day that the Secretary of State offices launched their new system.

If you have to make a stop by a Secretary of State office, you may want to plan to have more time. I experienced their new system today and noticed it was very slow since its new to all the employees and just like your home or work computer, there were times you were just waiting for the software to do its thing.

The Secretary of State employees were learning the system as they go so you might want to make sure you have patience while waiting. I got to the S.O.S right when they opened and was the 47th person in line.

Its never a joy to go to the Secretary of State office but you may want to go to a smaller branch until the system gets more familiar to the employees.

I also learned while visiting the office that if you want to fly, Michigan now has a new I.D. system you will need to get your drivers license updated for. Make sure and check the website so you bring the right amount of identification in order to get the "star" added to your I.D. so you can get on a plane to travel in the United States. You will still need a passport to travel outside the country but to get on a plane in the U.S. you must have that star on your I.D.

Most everything you need to know is online and thank goodness I checked before going. Coming from another state to get a Michigan license, I needed a ton of paperwork to prove who I was and that I am a resident of Michigan.

Wow...that feels good to say, I'm a resident of Michigan. Its been 18 years since I was a resident of the great state of Michigan...and it's good to be home.

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