The guy that owns the Showgirls Galleria on Market here on the outskirts of downtown, Mark London, is doing something horrible…he's selling the business for someone to destroy!

“It’s going to be very dependent on what they want to do there,” said London of his asking price for the 2-acre property on the outskirts of downtown. “Ideally, it would be someone who wanted to clear the site and put up something really nice.”

via MLive

You know what's really nice, Mr. London?  Boobs.

I think this guy has forgotten the first rule:  Bros before hos.  Always.

He's asking for like $6 million for the property that houses Lady Godiva's Showgirls, Stud's Nightclub (if this is stripping dudes, it can go, no problem), and Erica's Erotic Accessories.

This is something we can all get behind…save the boobies!  Every time an adult club closes down, an angel cries.  If you go all old testament, pissed off angels is a really bad thing, so help save the boobs!

Should we all pitch in and buy the place?  Maybe go visit it?  Picket?  Give me some ideas on how we can save the boobies!

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