Going into Tuesday's Michigan Primary, Hillary Clinton was projected to take the state by a landslide, but the race ended up being much closer than anyone anticipated and at the end of the night, Bernie Sanders came out on top.

Donald Trump, who has held several rallies in the state leading up to the primary, easily won the Republican vote in Michigan taking 38% of the votes. Ted Cruz was his closest competitor with 26%.

The Democratic primary was much, much closer. In fact, no one knew what the final result would be until the very end of the night. Bernie Sanders ended the evening with 51% of the vote, while Hillary Clinton took 49%.

Across the nation, Clinton leads Sanders 1,134 delegates to 502. A candidate needs 2,382 delegates to clinch the nomination.

In the much larger pool of Republican candidates, Donald Trump currently has 458 delegates, while Ted Cruz has 359, Marco Rubio has 151, and Ohio Governor John Kasich has 54.