Saliva reunited with lead vocalist Josey Scott this week at Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Virginia. The nu-metal homecoming on Sunday (Sept. 11) followed the singer's announcement that he was returning to music in earnest this spring.

Scott was the original frontman in the Tennessee-based alt-metal rockers, performing with Saliva from their 1996 formation until he left in 2011. On record, he sings signature Saliva cuts such as "Your Disease" (2000), "Click Click Boom" (2001) and "Always" (2002).

Watch footage from Saliva's set at Blue Ridge Rock Fest further down toward the bottom of this post.

"Who's ready to rock Blue Ridge Rock Festival ???" Scott asked social media in a selfie he shared before the gig.

Scott had presaged the Saliva reunion in an April video that promised solo material. "There's some great things coming," he said. "I got new music, I got the classics that I'm gonna re-do and put some piano and strings, and all kinds of good things coming."

Sunday's performance with Scott was a one-off gig, according to Blabbermouth. Plans for a more substantial reunion were reportedly put on hold two years ago. In 2021, guitarist Wayne Swinny said the idea "never really got off the ground."

Since their latest studio album, 2018's 10 Lives, Saliva have released several new singles with current singer Bobby Amaru. Those include this year's "Crows" and "Revelation Man." A brand new Saliva album is reportedly on the way.

Josey Scott Reunites With Saliva at Blue Ridge Rock Fest 2022

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