Saliva were among the breakout rock bands of the early 2000s, but as the decade wore on a number of lineup changes took its toll on the group. As the decade turned, the group’s most recognizable member, singer Josey Scott, exited the band in favor of a solo Christian music career. Now, after eight years away, it appears as though Scott is preparing to return.

Speaking on The Morning Dump podcast in Tulsa, Oklahoma (as heard below), Scott revealed news of his reunion with the group. “I’m going to get back together with the guys and we’re gonna do a reunion tour and a new album next year,” revealed Scott. “January 2020, we’re gonna put the old thinking caps on and get in the studio.”

Scott added, “Now that I’m clean and sober, my mind is clear, and I’m focused like I used to be in my 20s when I wouldn’t take no for an answer, and I went out, and people told me I’d never make it. They told me I’d never get a record deal, and I said, ‘Fuck you!’ and I went and got it anyway – without a high school diploma. I’ve kind of got that focusness back.”

Scott promised, “I’m gonna get in the studio with the guys. I’m gonna write a badass record and we’re gonna go sell it.”

The vocalist said that his return is for the fans that have lent their support to the group throughout the years and have asked for his reunion with the group.

Saliva released six albums with Scott, with their second album Every Six Seconds essentially being their breakout release. The album featured two of their biggest hits, “Your Disease” and “Click Click Boom.”

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