Former Saliva lead vocalist Josey Scott this week shared a video announcing his return to music, wherein he promised both new songs as well as re-done "classics" with "piano and strings," indicating his intention to re-record Saliva songs in a new way.

The brief clip shared on Sunday (April 10) begins with members of Scott's family acting as if they're looking for the musician in their house, noting he's been "gone for about 10 years." They find him out back on the porch, where he makes the announcement.

Watch the video down toward the bottom of this post.

Scott says, "What's up, everybody? This is Josey Scott, ex-lead singer of Saliva. I'm so glad to be with you guys again. After 10 years, I'm making my way back into the music industry. I look so forward to seeing every one of you out there."

He continues, "You can follow me on Instagram and Facebook @joseyscott, on Twitter @joseyscottmusic; and for news, tour dates and merch, please sign up at And Josey Scott Music is my YouTube channel. Please subscribe and hit the notifications bell, so you can get all that news that's coming."

He adds, "There's some great things coming for you guys. I got new music, I got the classics that I'm gonna re-do and put some piano and strings, and all kinds of good things coming. I can't wait to see you guys."

Scott was the original singer for the nu-metal rockers in Saliva, performing with them from their 1996 foundation until he left in 2011. On record, he sings signature Saliva cuts such as "Click Click Boom" (2001) and "Ladies and Gentlemen" (2006).

He'll reunite onstage with the band this September for a one-off performance at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival that will also include Bobby Amaru, Saliva's current singer, according to Blabbermouth. Earlier plans for a more substantial reunion with Scott were put on hold after the group's guitarist, Wayne Swinny, explained that the idea "never really got off the ground."

Last year, Scott mourned the death of his 29-year-old son, Cody, from COVID-19.

Josey Scott Announcement - April 10, 2022

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