A die-hard Saints fan who also happens to own a Slidell car dealership is extending a pretty sweet offer.

Matt Bowers is a well-known Saints fan and he hit Twitter earlier this week to do whatever he could to help the Saints get the top see in the NFC playoffs. The owner of the Slidell car dealership tweeted at Detroit Lions QB David Blough and offered to "hook him up" with a new vehicle if he could beat the Green Bay Packers this Sunday.

It's going to be tough for the Lions to pull it off, but this may be enough to fire up Blough to find an extra gear come Sunday. If the Packers do fall to the Lions the Saints will find themselves with at least one of the top two seeds and a bye week headed into the playoffs.

He's in Detroit, so I have to get him an American truck, right? I figure that's good karma. I can't go back too far now. I'm all out there now. Whatever we can do. Whatever he needs to be ready. I've seen crazier things happen. The Falcons came in here and beat us when they had two wins. They can do it. (Blough) has to believe they can do it. Whatever we can do to that go easier.

Bowers has hooked up locals in need with vehicles before, so he's more than capable of delivering a new whip to Blough—but much like the Saints, he's gonna need a little bit of help from the Detroit Lions to make it happen.

Fingers crossed.

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