Many look forward to relaxing and playing out on the water.

Grand Valley Marine, with locations in Grandville and Grand Haven, says to keep you and those around you safe on the water when boating.

Michigan Safe Boating Week runs through Saturday and National Marina Day is Saturday.

In embracing those campaigns and seeking to help you enjoy getting out on the water for relaxation, recreation and to enjoy the great outdoors, here's another boating tip to help you stay safe out there.

Photo courtesy of The U.S. Coast Guard
Photo courtesy of The U.S. Coast Guard

Boaters should know the weather forecast before they leave the dock, according to the National Weather Service's Grand Rapids Office and the U.S. Coast Guard's Sector Field Office in Grand Haven.

Weather is essential for boating decisions, and a forecast could save your life!

NOAA weather radio, mobile devices and other sources make weather information more readily available than ever before.

The best way to handle rough or inclement weather is to get to shore immediately and try to avoid it completely.

Remember, avoid getting caught in nasty weather by developing a weather eye, listening to your radio and heading for shore before it becomes an emergency.

Be weather ready!


Ready, Set, Wear It!

Last week for the safe boating tip, we shared there’s no excuse not to wear a life jacket on the water!

Thousands of boating enthusiasts set a new world record for life jacket wear during the fifth annual Ready, Set, Wear It! life jacket world record day on May 17, according to the National Safe Boating Council and the Canadian Safe Boating Council.

At 175 events across the globe, 6,973 participants inflated their life jackets or wore an inherently buoyant life jackets.

The largest U.S. event was hosted by Miami County Park District in Covington, Ohio, with 441 participants.

While it's tempting to boat without wearing a life jacket – especially on nice days, don't.

Remember, think, act and stay safe when on the water.

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