Come see if you share a birthday with a rock star!

Let's light those candles and don't spare the pyro. These are rock and metal musicians we're talking about after all, so join us in celebrating their special days. Loudwire has compiled this handy calendar sharing the birthdays of rock and metal musicians so you know when to send along your well wishes or find a way to commemorate your favorite rocker.

Check to see who shares your birthday, figure out which rockers are older and younger than you and even have a piece of cake in honor of your favorite rockers. Could you be blowing out the candles the same day as Dave Grohl, Zakk Wylde and Geoff Tate? Did you know that Gene Simmons and Rob Halford celebrate on the same day? And find out what amazing guitar great shares a birthday with Anthrax's Charlie Benante and Alter Bridge / Slash vocalist Myles Kennedy. Who celebrates his birthday every year while everyone else is ready to ring in the New Year?

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Scroll through this gallery below to find out the birthdays of your favorite rock and metal musicians.

See If You Share a Birthday With a Rock Star

Who do you share a birthday with?

Gallery Credit: Chad Childers

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