A Grand Rapids institution, upscale seafood restaurant Charley's Crab, has shut its doors for good.

Wood TV 8 reports that former employees say the 38-year-old dining destination along the Grand River let go the last of its staff last week:

According to employees, the coronavirus pandemic was a major factor in the shutdown, noting the venues that brought people downtown will be closed for the foreseeable future to help slow the spread of the virus

There had been speculation online about Charley's Crab, as people noticed signs coming down and what appeared to be moving trucks outside the restaurant on Monroe Avenue.

The company's website lists the restaurant as temporarily closed as does the Charley's Crab Facebook page, however a Google search lists the restaurant as permanently closed.

Wood TV 8 says they have reached out to the restaurant's owner, Landry's Inc., but at the time of this post have not received a response.

I'm sad to see Charley's Crab go! I only got to eat there once, as the price range (for me anyway) made it more of a a "special occasion only" spot. My Mother-in-law treated the family to dinner there when they were in town visiting, and it was delicious! Do you have memories of special times at Charley's Crab, like the night you proposed or Mother's Day brunch?

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