The popular seafood restaurant in downtown Grand Rapids might be closing down permanently.

Earlier in the week, the Grand Rapids Subreddit's top post was a photo of the Charley's Crab logo removed from its sign on Monroe Ave.  In the post, the person who took the photograph also said that "Main sign and signs on building all have logos and badging taken off. Lots of trucks and vans outside."

The company's website lists the restaurant as temporarily closed, but a quick Google search of Charley's Crab shows the restaurant as permanently closed.  Usually a business has to make this change on their own, or if it is made by Google, it can be changed by the owner.

When this article was written, the parent companies of Muer Seafood and Landry's were closed and couldn't be reached for comment.  We did leave an inquiry on Charley's Crab's Facebook page but have not heard back yet.

If you have any information about the status of this restaurant, please let us know and we will update this article.

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