This year the Kalamazoo State Theatre celebrates 90 years.  Once again we look back at another great show from years past.   This time we look back at the three times Black Sabbath took the stage.

According to the fan site Black Sabbath Online,  the legendary band played shows at the State Theatre in 1992, 1994 and 1995.   If you are familiar with those years of the band they would feature Ronnie James Dio at the first show in 1992 and Tony Martin on vocals the other years.

The 1992 tour stop was behind the album, "Dehumanizer" which featured the late Ronnie James Dio.   As expected the set list included many of the songs from earlier Dio lead albums, "Heaven and Hell" and "The Mob Rules".  I couldn't find any footage of the show but did find a clip of one of the shows from that tour.

The next tour stop at the State Theatre was for the "Cross Purposes" tour on February 22, 1994.  This time the band featured vocals from Tony Martin and the drummer was Bobby Rodinelli.  Songs were performed from all eras of the band and included one of the better Black Sabbath songs with Tony Martin, "Headless Cross".   I actually found a video of the entire show.  Sadly the video quality is very poor.


The following year in 1995 the band returned during the tour for "Forbidden".  This time Neil Murray was on bass and Cozy Powell was on drums.  The setlist was similar to the one the year before.  I couldn't find a clip of this show but did find one a month before the show that was in Kalamazoo.


Three times the legendary band played at the State Theatre.   Did you attend any of these shows?


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