It's Super Bowl Monday, which is FAR less fun than Super Sunday...

We're nursing hangovers, trying to digest all the snacks we ate yesterday, and sad that the football season is over.

So it's a great time to reflect back on the past NFL season... and laugh your face off with Bad Lip Reading's NFL 2018 video!

It kicks off with sad Tom Brady, although this was before the Patriots' Superbowl loss, so mostly he just sad because he's missing a helicopter... later he shows up to admonish a camera person's wandering eye.

MVP from last night Eagles' Nick Foles makes an appearance as well, explaining his sleepiness and video game habits.

Lions' Matthew Stafford, always one of my favorites in BLR vids doesn't disappoint this time around either, repeatedly yelling "Tambourine!" and pointing out an "owie"...

So many great things: Jay Cutler asking for a back scratch, officials having an in-depth conversation about cornbread, Cam Newton bragging about a Zamboni... What's your favorite part of NFL BLR 2018?

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