I guess the NHL preseason isn't as hard core as it used to be. At least not for a couple of Detroit Red Wings players who dialed it back a notch so that even the penalty box was a little lighter. 

This picture snapped at preseason game between the Red Wings and Blackhawks in Detroit over the weekend is going viral after two Wings players were busted sneaking into it. Detroit won not only the game, but the heart of a little fan.

Dylan Larkin (who had a brief stint with the Griffs) and Steve Ott are the culprits in this photobomb. Their smirks are nothing compared to the huge smile from the little girl, who has been identified as Madison Almas of Clawson, whose Dad, Bear, posted it to his Facebook page.

If only they a snapped a photo moments later when she heaved an Octopus onto the ice.