Sunday night, the Red Hot Chili Peppers returned to Grand Rapids, and they brought and amazing experience with them! Not only did we get the hits, but we also got a cool show, with moving lights extending out over the crowd, and moving video screens behind the band.

This was a cool show to watch, as the "kinetic lights" extending over the crowd would raise and lower, like they were dancing to the songs, and forming really cool patterns of color above our heads. Undulating patterns that really added to the spectacle of the show!

The video screens would also move around behind the band, sometimes being separate screens, sometimes all connecting to make one giant screen.

The band didn't disappoint, either. Lots of movement, and this band really loves to jam! There's a long jam before "Californication", also after, they started the show off with some jam, and even more before "Give It Away".

If you missed the show Sunday night, these videos can give you a little bit of what you missed, but you should try to get somewhere they're still heading to play, and check out this concert. They have rotating setlists, too, so you never know which set of songs they'll play for you!

Great show.

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