23-year-old Phuc Dat Bich is really pissed off. No one believes that's his real name, and he keeps having problems. Like getting repeatedly banned from Facebook for using an offensive fake name!

Seriously, Phuc Dat has been repeatedly asked to change his Facebook name to his "real" name so his profile can be reactivated. Several times.

This poor Vietnamese-Australian dude has had to post a photo of his passport to prove to the world that he's not an offensive Bich, but that Phuc Dat Bich is really dis Bich's name!

Sorry, I got a bit carried away with that last sentence.

Apparently, the correct pronunciation of his "Phoo Da Bic", but where's the fun in THAT! Phuc Dat Bich, we will pronounce his name however we feel is the funniest!

But honestly Facebook, you should probably just turn his account back on, before he says Phuc Dat, and moves over to Ello.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

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