Wednesday is one of the best holidays to be celebrated, National Avocado Day. So how does one take the time to appreciate the best fruit ever? With lots and lots of guacamole, duh.

Chipotle, where guac is always extra, is changing things up for the big day by offering free guac to their customers. According to their website, you get a scoop of guacamole with a purchase of any regular-priced item. However, all purchases must be made through their app or online.

Sure, it's cool and all that Chipotle is offering free guac but Qdoba, a place where it's ALWAYS free, is calling out their competitors -- ahem, Chipotle -- to do the same. They're demanding to #FreeTheGuac and even started a petition on

As of Tuesday afternoon, the petition has over 110 signatures. I have to agree with Qdoba on this one because they make a hell of an argument.

Why should a customer be penalized for making a meal more flavorful?

Whether it will get the competition's attention is unknown but at least we know that the taste of avocado is so good that it has the power to bring people together.

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