How do you meet ladies in your state? Tinder? Match? Eharmony? Here in Michigan, we can now get our cougar tips from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources! I mean, cougars ARE a valuable natural resource.

I wonder if they have a handy app that I can download to be able to find them based on my interests?

Like live music? Check.
Enjoy long walks on the beach? Check.
Want to run away to an island and be naked all the time? Double check!

I wouldn't mind getting some notifications about cougars in my area, especially if...what? Not that kind of...then what are we talking...

OHHHHHHH! Not cougars...COUGARS!

Apparently, a cougar has been spotted in the Lower Peninsula, near Rose Lake State Wildlife Area in Bath Township. No one knows where it came from, and DNR won't release the road name where the cougar was photographed.

There have been a LOT of cougar sightings in the UP, but this is the first time there's been a verified sighting in lower Michigan. Check out the photo below.

Damn. And I wore a nice shirt today.

Cougar in lower Michigan
Cougar in lower Michigan (Department of Natural Resources)

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