This is a pretty incredible story. It sounds like something from a movie, not real life, but it is.  A man found wandering in Michigan needs help finding out who he is.

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The Houghton County Veteran Service Office has shared his story, hoping to find his family, or someone, anyone who knows him.

They say the man was found wandering in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, south of Houghton, near Lake Perrault in summer 2021.

He doesn't remember who he is or where he is from. All he can recall is that he believes his name may be Lincoln Maxfield, born in 1963, and he may have served in the military.

He came to the Houghton County Veteran Service Office, hoping they could help him discover his identity.

Lincoln was found with a cell phone. It had no numbers in its memory. When the Vets Service Office contacted the carrier, they said the phone was not registered to a name, but had been activated in or around the zip code 28012 in North Carolina.

If that is where Lincoln is from, how did he get to the U.P.? He doesn't know.

The local Sheriff ran his fingerprints, but so far has not had any matches.

A local Good Samaritan has been providing shelter for Lincoln, allowing him to stay in a trailer. The arrangement was meant to be short-term, however, and is not sustainable in the harsh U.P. winter.

The Vets Service Office says there is little they can do to help unless they are able to prove his Veteran status.

They are asking anyone who might know Lincoln to come forward, to send them a message here. They say while the situation may seem unbelievable, it's very serious, as Lincoln is frustrated, embarrassed and losing hope

Do you know this man?

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