UPDATE: The bear (or at least *a* bear) made its way to the 1600 block of Horton St. S.E., and made itself comfortable up in a tree according to the GRPD.

A woman got video of what she thought was a bear on a Grand Rapids golf course Saturday night.

Fox 17 reports that shortly after 9p.m. Taylor Shea Sargent called to say she was just leaving Buffalo Wild Wings on 28th Street when she noticed a bear heading westbound on the Indian Trails Golf Course, at 2776 Kalamazoo Avenue SE.

Authorities have not been able to confirm the sighting.

Sargent told Fox 17,

Out the corner of my eye I saw something black moving. It was way too big to be a dog, so I looked at it as it ran away and it was a bear".

What do you think after watching the video?

Police say they are still investigating.

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