Picture this, you're chilling in the house and you see a bear feet away from your deck eating food from your bird feeder...what in the world do you do? These guys have the best reaction to that exact scenario (and so does the bear)!

Now, what should you actually do if bears are getting into your bird feeder?

  • Take your feeder down in the spring. If there's nothing for bears to get into, they'll stay away.
  • Put your feeder on a tall metal pole. Make sure it's not flimsy, though, or the bears will just knock it over.
  • Hang your feeders from trees. You'll want to make sure that it's pretty high up there, and they actually suggest suspending it between two trees since bears can climb.
  • Put cayenne pepper in your bird seed. Like, a lot of it. Birds don't have very many taste buds (today I learned...), but other animals do, and they generally don't like the taste of anything spicy. Cayenne will also help deter squirrels from eating your birdseed.
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