Friday, August 21st was a special day for Grand Rapids and Pop Evil. Not only was it the day a great concert was scheduled, but it was also the day the new Pop Evil album 'Up' was released, and the day Mayor Hartwell appeared on TV with the band to declare it 'Pop Evil Day' in Grand Rapids!

Being a special hometown show, GRD got to help you get lots of time with the band, and gave away a bunch of tickets to the show.

On the day, some of our ticket winners got to sneak in to a special acoustic performance and autograph session with the band in the Stache, where Pop Evil played a few songs, answered questions, and talked about the music, the band, and some of their own star-struck moments with bands.

Afterwards, they signed autographs and took pictures with everyone, and then went to get ready for the big show!

Local rockers Torrid kicked off the show, followed by a great young band, Red Sun Rising, the amazing Aranda, and then, of course, Pop Evil!

The band kicked off with some crowd favorites, before launching into several songs from the new album, 'Up', which a lot of people already seemed to know, even though the album had only come out that morning!

The parking lot was packed full of people singing along with the songs, having a blast, and celebrating a great day with some local boys who've done well, and never forgotten their hometown, and are proud to be from Grand Rapids and Muskegon!

Thanks for fun night, Grand Rapids, and Pop Evil! Let's do it again!