Matt DiRito and Leigh Kakaty from Pop Evil debuted the band's new song "Footsteps" Monday on WGRD!

On break from touring, the guys have been been back home in West Michigan for a few weeks and were awesome enough to stop by and let GRD be the first to share their new song with the world!

The guys talked about Pop Evil's upcoming album and also revealed the band's next show in Grand Rapids!

Pop Evil have been hard at work on their fourth studio since the beginning of the year. Recently the band revealed the title and release date:

The new album is called Up and comes out August 21.

Here's the artwork for the new single "Footsteps":

Credit: Chris Lovell

In describing the new song, Leigh says "Footsteps" was kind of a re-awakening:

"The song was kind of about digesting what we had done previous two years on our last album, Onyx. The last album was written from a dark place and ironically we've had the biggest success with it, so kind of processing that...  We wanted to stay healthy, stay positive about the way we're touring, the way we're living, and try to take it one step at a time-- that was always the cliche we heard-- that was always in the back of my mind...We knew when it was first conceived it that there was something special about the idea, the song, the hook. It's been exciting to see it come to this point. Being the first single I think it's a great reflection of where we want to take our career. Especially starting with this new record, we want to have fun this time around and stop being so angry, man. We've got a lot to be grateful for."

"It's a good foot to lead off on," Matt added, "Positivity- moving upwards and onward- and climbing up."

Which leads us to the new album-- Up.When asked what fans can except from the new album, Leigh shared:

"Fans can expect a show at the Intersection!"

So that's awesome! We can look forward to the new album Up out August 21, and Pop Evil's next hometown show at the Intersection that same day!

Watch the full interview above to hear more about "Footsteps" and the new album.

Tune in to GRD to hear the new song and watch the lyric video below!