Seems like the Devil has gotten all techy on us!  He's gotten his hands on a girl with a mobile phone and has started sending hateful text messages to the priest that failed to exorcise the girl!

Father Marian Rajchel from Jaroslaw claims that demons don't hesitate to use technology to attack people, but usually it's more subtle.  This one really wants to the priest to know that it's got his number.

He said one of the text messages read: "She will not come out of this hell. She’s mine. Anyone who prays for her will die."

via Austrian Times

I think it was accompanied by this pic of the girl in "hell".  I agree that DisneyWorld is comparable to the fourth level.

The look of torment has been blurred, so as not to offend readers (photo Lauren Zimmerman)

The Devil's H-Mobile account hasn't been shut down, as it's still in good-standing with the Polish provider.

"Mr. Devil is a great customer.  Always pays on time, and never yells at our customer service staff."  Says 'Kevin', a customer service representative who definitely isn't 'in India', but a resident of 'the great state of Cleveland', in this quote I think would be funny for someone to have said in real life.

The angry and hateful texts continue to the Polish priest, who doesn't mind the challenge of helping this possessed girl, but:

"I just wish the demon would stop with all the horrible Polack jokes.  They're insensitive.  And he just laughs at me when I say he's being mean."  The Polish priest said in this quote I just made up on the spot.

I wonder if the Devil and his demons flame all his pictures on Facebook?

While some of the quotes may be from my own mind...this story is totally not fabricated.  Check the link, this priest is actually claiming to be receiving SMS from demons.  Do YOU believe?