If you are planning to attend the South Haven fireworks, you can expect to see a lot more police and maybe not notice there are more police that are in plain clothes.

According to WOOD TV and the South Haven Police Department, there are expected to be 70,000 to 80,000 people to attend the fireworks on Tuesday.

Police will be patrolling beaches as well as the city.

South Haven police will be joined by the Allegan County, Van Buren County and Berrien County sheriff's offices, Bangor Police Department, Covert Township Police Department and the Michigan State Police. South Haven has also hired a private security company to assist police.

South Haven Police Chief, Natalie Thompson said. "We will have a few more plain clothed officers that will be around the beach areas and also on the side streets. We found last year that since we weren't allowing alcohol on the beach a lot of people were going up to cars and some of the side streets. You know you still can't have open alcohol in any public street."

"We're going to be checking the side areas around the beaches a little more, just to make sure were not just pushing the problem towards another area."

Be prepared to have your cooler searched, security checkpoints will be everywhere and the police are looking for alcohol. They may even want to check your cup.

Security has been stepped up due to a violent fight that broke out just before the fireworks show back in 2016. Police say alcohol was the source of violence.

Expect to get a ticket if you are found in possession of alcohol. Police will arrests individuals if necessary.

South Haven fireworks will fire up at 10:30 p.m. on the North and South Pier. Areas to watch will be North and South Beach and Riverfront Park.

If you want to drink alcohol while you watch the fireworks or want to avoid the crowds, you stream the fireworks from your computer or smart phone here.


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