2016 is shaping up to be a huge year for Pokemon fans. In addition to the re-release of Pokemon Red and Blue, Nintendo will offer a New 3DS bundle, so even the latest of fans can get in on the Pokemon action.

The New Nintendo 3DS bundle, according to The Verge, will be released on February 27, and will include "two changeable faceplates featuring art from the first two games in the series, Pokemon Red and Blue. The handheld will also feature digital versions of both of those games pre-installed (they'll also be sold separately in the 3DS e-shop) as well as an exclusive Pokemon menu theme."

If you can't wait that long to boost your Pokemon morale, the franchise has also announced that it will feature its very own commercial during the 2016 Super Bowl. The Pokemon Company doesn't appear to be promoting a specific title, but rather, the commercial will celebrate Pokemon's 20 years of success and encourage trainers of all ages.

Combine all of this with the planned re-releases of hard-to-find Pokemon amiibo, more trading cards, and the release of Pokemon Go, and we've got the year full of Pokemon that we've all been hoping for.