It's always good to see Michigan schools getting recognition. Though I guess there could be some mixed feelings on this one...

Playboy has named the University of Michigan the No. 10 party school in the nation.

Who knows the exact scientific criteria Playboy staffers used to create such a list. It looks like they took into account nightlife, spring break antics, tailgating, block parties, and the like.

Of U-M, Playboy said,

"Oh, 'the Michigan difference.' The haughty catchphrase works because it’s true: Wolverines study hard and party harder. At 'the Pit,' a shared backyard between frat houses and an epicenter for Saturday-morning tailgating, students get advanced degrees in Wolverine superiority, still going strong almost 20 years after its last football championship. House parties abound in Ann Arbor; if one gets shut down, students roll the kegs to the party down the street. Win or lose, Michiganders still booze."


Who came in first? Playboy crowned Ohio University the top party school:

OU’s year-round antics are hard to trump. Athens is home to one of the country’s largest Halloween block parties—a drunken fete so epic it attracts such sponsors as the infamous caffeinated alcohol Four Loko. Court Street, which connects the campus to Athens’s dining district, is a barhopper’s dream: The tiny half-mile stretch boasts 18 bars. And thanks to statewide decriminalization of marijuana possession, students frequently toke up at the appropriately named Bong Hill."

1. Ohio University
2. University of Iowa
3. Florida State University
4. Tulane University
5. University of Illinois
6. University of Texas
7. Syracuse University
8. University of Wisconsin
9. University of Mississippi
10. University of Michigan

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