A 2020 Park Design award from the Michigan Recreation & Park Association was awarded to the Plaster Creek Family Park. The park located at 2401 Buchanan Ave. SW, underwent renovations in August.

The award is based on criteria of project purpose, local significance, innovation, aesthetic quality and functionality. Students at Burton Elementary/Middle school helped create plans for the new nature and learning center. The project is designed to create green schoolyards in park deficient areas.

The play area features a stump forest, log jam, a rain garden, native meadow planting and community picnic area. David Marquardt, the City’s parks and recreation director told the City of Grand Rapids,

"We are honored that the important work we’re doing in Grand Rapids is being recognized at a statewide level. The improvements at Plaster Creek Family Park will help students and the community create meaningful educational and recreational experiences.”

The city's strategic plan is to create a healthy environment by using green spaces, increasing recreational services and protecting and preserving water resources.

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