One of the hardest parts about going to the gym is starting to go to the gym. I played soccer until my senior year of high school, and while I was a pretty frequent runner at that time, one thing I never was introduced to was how to "go to the gym". Lifting was a foreign concept and I was never shown how to use exercise machines.


On top of that, though I was active in my school sports, I became a complete couch potato once school was out for the summer. All these factors led to a summer (and life) of inactivity. However, one of America's top gyms is looking to change that by offering free gym memberships to teens aged 14-19 all summer.


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High School Summer Pass

Planet Fitness, one of America's most accessible gyms with 2,500+ locations in all 50 states, has been offering free summer memberships for teens and high school students for many years to help keep kids active during summer vacation, and they're bringing it back again this year. Since the program started in 2019, 7 million teens have participated in the three-month program.



Parents Benefit Too

While it is great that the gym is offering memberships to teens, the teens will probably need a ride from their parents. Well, parents are in luck too because they can be given a free day pass to attend the gym while their kids are there. It's a win-win for everyone involved.



You can visit the website and sign up for a club near you for more information.


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