You may have seen those videos of Asian carp flying into peoples boats, well Michigan is working on a plan to keep them from getting into Lake Michigan.

According to WOOD, Michgan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is working with the federal government on a plan to keep the Asian carp, that can devastate the Eco system of a river or lake, from getting into the Great Lakes.

The plan is to have the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers build fish blocking devices in a key location near Joliet, Illinois at the Brandon Road Lock and Dam. This location is crucial to keeping the Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan.

The Corps have other ways of keeping the carp away by using noisemakers and a water flushing lock at Brandon Road. This is the area that is between the carp infested Illinois River and Lake Michigan.

There is a huge cost in accomplishing this project because it is now estimated at $778 million to complete. Whitmer is all about the plan but concerned with the costs and hopes to find away to make it cheaper to do.

The Department of Natural Resourced Director Daniel Eichinger to speed up the process to help reduce the cost. Echinger has also suggested some design changes.

If the Asian carp get into Lake Michigan, it could be devastating to the Great Lakes. These fish take over by eating all the other species eggs and consume most of the food available so in the end they will be the only fish left.

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