Pantera is one of the greatest metal bands of all time. Pantera brought us Dimebag Darrell, unforgettable songs like 'Walk,' 'Cowboys from Hell,' '5 Minutes Alone,' and so much more. Getting the opportunity to talk to Phil Anselmo, the lead singer of Pantera and Down, was quite the trip. Seems like there is a lot going on in Phil's world, and he wants you to know about it.

You have a new Down EP coming out in May, is that still on schedule?

"It's done! I am waiting for Pepper Keenens mastering to be done, but as far as I am concerned, that sucker is done man. I would expect middle summer, or early fall at the very latest."

Now supposedly this first EP from Down is the first of four new EP's on the way from Down.

"So they say man, we'll see about that but it possibly is. It is a good 6 song EP, it is nice and lengthy for an EP, but I gotta say man. It turned out pretty damn good! In my opinion and the feedback I have gotten so far, it sounds like classic Down. Kinda like the NOLA record. We were really looking to do a strip Down, no nonsense, straight to the point record, and think we came really close if not, hit the damn nail on the head."

Down recently welcomed a new bassist into Down Pat Bruster (Crowbar), replacing Rex Brown (Pantera/Kill Devil Hill). Any hard feelings?

"Pat killed on this EP, he one bad ass MOFO. With Rex, he is very content, and he is happy with the music he is making now, and that is something he has wanted to do for a long time now. All we can do is support each other, and we are brothers by every count possible. We wish each other the best all of time, we actually just talked a couple days ago. So there is no bad blood between us at all."

What is a typical day today, in the world of Phil Anselmo?

"Honestly man, I get up, work out, and go into the studio. Get up, work out, go into the studio. I have been one busy dude man. I have been in the studio for monthes, it been Down, New Harp, my solo album."

Solo Album? When can we expect that?

"Figuring the Down EP would be here in the next month or so. I would love to have my solo record out in late fall. But I have been sitting on this thing for so long, if not in the fall. Defiantly for sure early next year, that is what I am aiming for."

Recently Vinnie Paul stated that if there was to ever be a Pantera reunion, Zakk Wylde will fill for Dimebag Darrell on guitar. Would you agree to that?

"That is an interesting question, if anything like that would ever possibly happen. Vince and I would have to sit in the same room, hash out whatever differences that we have, and as far as Zakk Wylde goes, I am not to sold on that cause' we have to hash some crap out too. That day has not come yet, and until that day comes, I can comment further on that, but till then it is just talk. It would be rough not to see Dimebag on stage to my left, I would feel naked."

With the whole Guns N' Roses fued with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Axel Rose not showing up cause of the grudge he holds against his former band mates. If Pantera were to ever be inducted, do you think that could be the day would could see Pantera as one again?

"First and foremost, I can't even imagine Pantera being inducted to the Rock Hall of Fame, but then again, I couldn't even imagine the amount of success that we have had ya know? The whole Hall of Fame thing, that would be quite surprising. You know if it had to happen that way, beleive me, if knew. That Rex and Vince were going to be there, you bet your ass that I would be there man. I would show up with the best intentions in mind. I'm the type of guy who can't hold a grudge. I do forgive, it's my nature. Like I say, the stuff between Vince and I. We can hash that stuff out, if I was to ever be givin' the chance to do so, but I am not afforded that luxury. F___ man, I wish we could get this straightened out. So Vinnie Paul, if your hearing this, give the old man a call, you know, call me out, let's get the straightened out."

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