Unfortunately, more pets get lost around the 4th of July than any other time of year. Spooked by loud fireworks, pets take off and get separated from their families. I'm glad to see this just in time for the holiday - Kent County has added something new that will help reunite owners with lost pets!

New Pet Microchip Scanning Stations in Kent County

Back in April, Kent County got its first pet microchip scanning station, a first-of-its kind in Michigan.

The 24-hour microchip scanning station is outside the Kent County North Campus in Cedar Springs, Mich., at 4191 17 Mile Rd. NE.

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Now, a second station has been added! The new pet microchip scanning station is located at the Kent County Animal Shelter at 740 Fuller Ave NE, next to the animal intake door. It also is a 24-hour self-serve station.

pet microchip scanning station
Kent County Animal Shelter

Some of the biggest reasons owners are unable to retrieve their pets is finding transportation to the shelter and taking time off work. The new 24-hour microchip identification system will allow families to reunite with pets before they are taken to the shelter.

The initiative is part of Kent County Animal Shelter's goal to improve the reclaim rate for lost dogs by their owners. The shelter says that despite a nearly 200% increase in stray dogs entering the shelter in 2019, there has been a noticeable decline in the number of owners coming to get their pets. This results in the shelter being at or over capacity.

How to Use Kent County's New Pet Microchip Identification System

The new microchip scanning station is housed in weatherproof, secure casing. You will find written instructions in both Spanish and English on the wall nearby.


Learn more about getting your pet microchipped here.

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