A person has died after falling off a cliff in Michigan's Upper Peninsula while trying to take pictures.

Normally when I hear a story like this, it's about someone out west in the mountains attempting to take a selfie at the edge of a cliff, but didn't expect to hear about this happening here in Michigan, but then again, we do have our share of cliffs in the U.P.

According to WJMN, on Labor Day a person died after falling from a cliff on Presque Isle Park. The incident occurred just after 1 p.m. and there were plenty of witnesses that saw the fall.

The Marquette Police Department and EMTs were called to the scene near the shoreline of Lake Superior. The body was found in the water near the shoreline of Lake Superior. First responders attempted to save the person's life. The victim was then transported to Upper Peninsula Health System Hospital in Marquette where the person was pronounced dead.

Police are still looking into exactly what happened leading up to the fall. So far based on witnesses at the scene, investigators say the victim fell from the cliff while descending from it taking pictures.

The Marquette Police Department continues to warn people to use caution when visiting the cliffs in at Presque Isle park and to stay back from the edges of these cliffs. There are a lot of areas in the park that do not have rails and are unprotected so it is best to just stay back from cliff edges.

This is not the first incident of someone falling from a cliff in 2021 in the Upper Peninsula. Two others have also died during this summer getting to close to the edge of cliffs.

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