You know when you watch a movie that is based in the future and you think to yourself,

'I wonder if that's how it will be in the future?'

Thanks to Pepsi Co, it looks like the future is becoming a big possibility.

Pepsi Co. announced today that it will be releasing a special edition bottle of Pepsi named 'Pepsi Pefect.' This bottle and brand name were featured in the 1989 film Back to the Future 2.

Remember when Marty McFly walks into the Cafe' 80's and asks for a Pepsi Perfect? Well, this is where it all comes from!

Pretty cool right? It's cool to see some of these big companies referring to this classic movie...however, except when they make it a cash cow.

Pepsi will be charging $20.15 for a limited edition bottle of the soda, and it's just regular Pepsi! GREAT SCOTT!

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