People love making fun of nerds, that is until they combine their unused GPU processing power to find a cure for coronavirus.

The good people over at Stanford University have teamed up with to create the "Folding Team" which aims at finding cures for various diseases using the combined computing power from gamers across the globe.

In a recent announcement from the Director of Folding at Home, the team has put all forces forward toward finding a cure for coronavirus.

There is this thing called "protein folding" which is a natural process where proteins change their forms to perform its job within a cell. A problem arises if the protein folds improperly, it can lead to a litany of problems including neurodegenerative disease, and immunodeficiency. But this is also a very important process for finding how the proteins in viruses change and adapt in order to find a way to fight them.

If you have a gaming pc and want to help out, the process is easy and takes virtually no effort on your part. You can visit this link and click "fah-installer" which will download a small program to your pc. That program dedicates leftover processing power from your graphics processing unit (GPU) to analyze the data of multiple protein folds, and then sends the info back to Stanford. Basically the team has found a way to link all the pcs through this program to make one international supercomputer.

The program runs on its own in the background and you can turn the program down or off at any time to utilize the full potential of your GPU, but most users don't notice a difference when browsing the internet.

You don't need a gaming pc to help out, they just prefer gaming PC's because they are typically equipped with powerful GPUs, capable of processing large amounts of data quickly, with ease.

More information can be found on the PCMasterRace Reddit page.

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