There has been an increase is kids being exposed to marijuana in the form of parents, lock up your brownies, gummie bears, etc.

According to WOOD, the Michigan Poison Center at Wayne State University says kids under 18 are getting into their parents edible stash and are getting exposed to weed,

If you don't know what edibles are, well they are things like brownies, gummy bears, rock candy, chocolate and cookies among many others, that are infused with THC. Little kids know what gummie bears and brownies are...but they can't tell the difference between those infused with THC until after they eat them.

In 2017, kids in Michigan who had to be treated by a doctor after getting their hands on some edibles was only six. Well in 2019, 59 kids have discovered mommy and daddies stash.

Since marijuana edibles are more common now since the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state of Michigan, its likely the number of kids exposed to weed will go up.

The concentration of THC that goes into a brownie, can be way higher (pardon the pun) than just actually smoking a joint.

Medical professionals are saying just treat marijuana and edibles locked up just like you would prescription drugs. If kids can't get to them, they can't eat them.

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