Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about the trip to Italy that Jim Harbaugh has taken his Michigan football team on. They even went to mass with the Pope, and gave him a gift of a football helmet and shoes.

The guys began to speculate on what happens to all the gifts people bring the pope, and wonder if everything just goes out to the poor, or if there really is a huge vault of stuff brought as gifts.

Next up, the guys give Justin hassle about trying to turn everything into something involving basketball...but this time, the story he was talking about really DOES involve basketball with Calvin College and prisoners. Take THAT!

Last, but not least, the guys share a story about a group of US Vets who are going to march the 92 miles from Grand Rapids to Cadillac, to help bring awareness to PTSD and veteran suicide. They want people to help with the fight against PTSD, since too many of our vets commit suicide.

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