We all knew online gambling would be huge for casinos in Michigan and the state is already seeing some revenue off the taxes.

If you have never been to a casino, well now you don't have to make the trip since gambling is now online and if you have ever wanted to place a bet on a sporting event, you can do that too in the state of Michigan.

According to WOOD, officials who regulate gaming in the state of Michigan say that 11 casinos in just 10 days made just over 42 million dollars from online gambling that has been legal since January 22. That is a lot of money.

So far in that 10 days online gambling brought in nearly 30 million dollars and online sports betting has cashed in just over 13 million dollars.

Do you remember when games for your cell phones came around via apps, some people were very addicted to playing simple games on their phones. I wonder what online gambling will do, especially when people no longer have to leave their house to gamble.

Online gambling and sports betting has already proven to well for the state of Michigan due to the taxes being placed on casinos and their online gaming partners.  The state also took in nearly 4.5 million dollars in taxes in 10 days not to mention bringing in just over $111,000 from sports betting. Needless to say, the state now has the money to fix the damn roads. Lol.

The city of Detroit alone has received nearly 1.4 million dollars in tax money paid out by just three casinos that are located in the city limits. I wonder how Mt. Pleasant, Gun Lake and Battle Creek have done?

Officials say the tax money will be used for funding K-12 schools, you know they said that about the Michigan Lottery, but yet schools seem to be closing, sports, arts and music seem to be going away, but those tax dollars seem to get higher and higher. And us Michiganders know they are not spending it on fixing the damn roads (Wow, fix the damn roads in one story, lets see if I can get a hat trick).

The state of Michigan is looking at cashing in on 90 million dollars of tax revenue off online gambling and sports betting in 2021. Certainly the state will have enough money to help all the schools statewide plus fix the damn roads (Boom! A fix the damn roads hat trick in one story).


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