There's a British guitar player that I've been watching for a very long time now, and a few months ago he did something on his channel that is very cool.  His name is Rob Chapman.

He'd seen a "busker" on the street playing slide guitar one day, and filmed him and posted it on his YouTube account to show everyone how good the guy is.  Apparently, Jeff Beck walked up to the slide player (Nelly Niel) and asked, "WTF are you doing playing in the streets, you're so good!"

The amazing part is what happened a month later.

What Rob did, was he took all the money that the video of Nelly Niel had made him, and took it to him on the street!  Gave Niel a cash card with the money from the video on it!  That's a really classy thing to do.

Not only that, but he helped the guy get set up on YouTube, as well as how to make money from his videos, hooked him up with a free guitar, and then got his YouTube channel started for him!  The dude got over 13,000 subscribers in a few days!  Right now, about 3 months later, the guy already has over 25,000 subscribers on his channel!

That's really giving back, man.

Here's the video of Rob taking the money earned to Nelly Niel, and telling him what he's going to do to help him.

Here's the original video Rob shot when he discovered Nelly Niel.