The Tokyo Olympic games were postponed 9 months ago, however the Torch Relay is set to begin in 100 days.

In just over 3 months, organizers for the Tokyo Olympic games say the torch relay is set to begin on March 25 from the northeastern prefecture of Fukushima. This is where the relay was originally going to start before it was postponed due to the Coronavirus.

The relay will last for 121 days and travel through 859 municipalities across Japan. The race will require the help of 10,000 runners and tens of thousands officials.

Yukihiko Nunomura, vice director general of the Tokyo Olympic organizing committee, said Tuesday during an on-line news conference at,

"The COVID-19 countermeasures will be worked on continuously for the torch relay; the audience, the torchbearers as well as the officials who are related to the program."

The torch is expected to arrive in Tokyo on July 9. The flame from the torch will light the cauldron in the Olympic Stadium at the Opening Ceremony of the Games on July 23. Encouraged by the recent roll-out of Covid 19 vaccines, Olympic organizers say they'll be waiting until the first of the new year to provide specific details about the games and their plans for handling the Coronavirus.The postponed Olympics are set to include 11,000 athletes.

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