Today on Segment 16, the guys watch an old video starring Redwings star Dylan Larkin, and it's freaking bad and embarrassing. More for him than the guys, but this poses the question: Would this kind of thing lead to even worse things showing up in video in the future? Watch the whole embarrassing hockey video here.

Then, Grandville High School seems to be suffering some b****** with their wrestling team. The conference champions have been disqualified for playing in 15 tournaments instead of 14 this season. Not only is the team out, but none of the players can compete in the state championships. Check out the complete story here.

Oddly they're claiming there was a "misinterpretation" of the rule, which seems clear to be 14. But how would the kids on the team know this? They just wrestle when they're told to, and don't have access to all the rules and regulations for the state.

It totally sucks for the kids on the team. Should the officials let them wrestle in the individual competitions? Why punish the kids for the mistakes of the school?