According to ABC News, a 15-year-old witch, ... umm, girl has been suspended from school in Oklahoma for casting a spell that made her teacher get sick.

The ACLU is suing the school for violating her civil rights for suspending her and for taking away her notebooks she was using to write her spells, err, short stories. She was also banned from drawing or wearing Wiccan sigils and paraphernalia.

The girl's parents are a little pissed off that their daughter is being treated this way, and possibly secretly a little relieved the teachers didn't just drag her out to a tree and set her on fire.

The girl is a Roman Catholic who'd read a book about Wiccan beliefs and apparently found herself a little interested.

Dear God: Doesn't she know that Wicca is a gateway to magic and other more disturbing dark arts?  What if she gives in to fear, which then becomes anger?

We all know where that leads: hate and the dark side.

I don't know what this girl looks like, but I don't think she'd look good a wrinkly and robed, shooting lightning out of her hands.  But that's just me.

The school suspended her because the teacher became sick from an "unknown cause." So, that immediately meant that she is "an immediate threat to the school."

No word yet on what spell she may be brewing to begin her vengeance.

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